Worth It T Shirt


Use this tee to start a Gospel conversation. Tell Elijah Beaty’s story and how his 19 years on earth were short, but because of the Good News of Jesus … “It’s worth it.” This was Elijah’s response when his brother begged him to not go on a missions trip to a remote part of Africa, where many bad things could happen. Elijah said, “it’s important work, and even if I die… it’s worth it.” On October 10, 2022, Elijah went home to be with Jesus after becoming deathly ill with malaria. This tee is echoing what Elijah said about sharing the Gospel. Wear it, and be bold in sharing the Good News because no matter what happens… it’s worth it. 

All proceeds go the Elijah Beaty Scholarship Fund which provides support for missionaries with Mission Uttermost. 

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